by Jason Heine


A funky downtempo chill-hop experience reflecting on Jason's medical scare in 2019


Wake up in the morning, I'm taking a piss
Get back into bed, start to feel like shit
Vision blurry, hearing muffled, I know right away, this ain't normal but,
Nah, dude, it's cool, I'll be alright
let me sit up and turn on the light
Fresh air will help me ride it out
Second that I stand up, I black out...

Pulled up in the front, wheelchair to ER
Asking my name and if I know where we are
In the waiting room, nothing else to do
Doom and gloom channel two news
Laying in the ER, here comes the nurse
She stuck me with an IV I feel worse
All I need is fresh air to ride it out
But she hit me with that stick then I black out
When I wake up I'm in the Ambulance
off to the hos where they understand this
EMT say I need an artificial heart
Fuck that, I don't need a counterpart
They rolled me up in the Hospital
Into my room like a bathroom stall
Guy on my right needs surgery
They takin' his leg he an amputee
The next guy on my right cancer he fights
Internally bleeds and he cannot sleep
I laid in my bed as I heard him scream
His wife bedside, she just cries
My life, flash before my eyes
People all around me about to die
Doc walks in, grabs my chart
Looks me in the eye, said "it's not your heat"
Now I got a bunch of electrodes on my brain
They tryin' to figure out why the fuck I faint
He say that I got a little too much stress
So I spit up on this mic, get it off my chest
If you de-stress, relax then we won't see you again
Eat clean, be free, you'll be back on your feet again
Discharged me unidentified
Best girl in the world on my side
Just me and Steph
Thank got we left...

I'm thankful I can just breathe (X9)
I know it won't always be this way, but for now
I'm thankful I can just breathe


released May 17, 2019


all rights reserved



Jason Heine Phoenix, Arizona

A genre twisting musician heavily influenced by Hip-Hop, New Jack Swing, Synth Pop, and Chill styles of music. Jason is a multi-talented Musician, Drummer, Audio Engineer, and Producer. His resume includes soundtrack scores for video games, host of podcasts, voice overs, live performances and videos on YouTube/Twitch. ... more

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